API Manager

Pure Technology’s API Manager is a comprehensive graphical user interface designed to facilitate the entire API lifecycle. This includes tasks such as onboarding APIs, defining policies and subscriptions, and publishing APIs to the Marketplace. Notably, the API manager operates independently from request routing, streamlining API Lifecycle Management and eliminating the need for manual edits to intricate configuration files.

API Lifecycle Management

Efficiently design, test, deploy, manage, and monetize your APIs. The platform supports end-to-end API management, allowing you to oversee APIs from inception to decommissioning, all seamlessly integrated.

API Gateway

A scalable, performant, and secure API Gateway is provided to ensure optimal API performance and security.

Internal/External Marketplace

Pure Technology’s API Manager boasts a full self-service Developer Portal catering to both monetized and free APIs. It offers flexible pricing plans, tracks utilization against subscriptions, and automates the publishing of APIs to the Portal.

Monitoring and Analytics

The platform features built-in comprehensive observability and flexible, customizable analytics utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, an escalation manager is incorporated for effective issue resolution.


Pure Technology’s API Manager is a fully self-contained product ensuring ultimate privacy. It supports multiple authentication methods and protocols, includes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), maintains an audit trail of activities, and has undergone rigorous testing and certification for security vulnerabilities.


Easily create flexible pricing plans for APIs and publish them to the Marketplace. Consumers can subscribe, monitor usage, and make payments directly on the platform.

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