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Digital Delivery Policy for Pure Tech Codex Pvt Ltd

1. Scope of Delivery
As a software company, all our products are delivered digitally. There are no physical shipments. This ensures instant and secure delivery of our software to our customers.

2. Delivery Method
Once a purchase is completed, customers will receive an email containing a secure link to download the software, along with the necessary license keys or activation instructions.

3. Delivery Time
Digital delivery is typically instantaneous. However, in rare cases, due to technical issues or high server traffic, delivery might take up to a few hours. If you do not receive your software within 24 hours, please contact our support team

4. System Requirements
Before making a purchase, customers are advised to check the system requirements for each software product. This ensures compatibility and smooth installation on your device.

5. Backup of Software
We recommend customers to create a backup of the downloaded software for future re-installations. Pure Tech Codex Pvt Ltd may not always keep older versions of software available for download.

6. License Agreement
All software products are subject to the terms of our End User License Agreement (EULA). By purchasing and downloading our software, customers agree to comply with the terms of the EULA.

7. Refund Policy
Given the digital nature of our products, all sales are final. However, if you encounter any issues with the software, our support team is here to assist you.

8. Support & Assistance
For any issues related to the digital delivery, installation, or activation of our software, please reach out to our support team at or call us at +91 8329849726

9. Privacy & Security
We prioritize the privacy and security of our customers. All personal and payment information is encrypted and securely processed. We do not store credit card details.

10. Updates & Patches
Customers will receive notifications about software updates or patches via email. It’s recommended to keep the software updated for optimal performance and security.

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