Ensure Quality Standards with Quality Control Checklist App

Empower your quality team with the tools they need to efficiently manage, organize, and execute your quality control processes. Build checklists, conduct audits and inspections, capture photos and videos, and share information in real-time.

Trusted by SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies

Paper-based methods adds to the clutters and complexity, not to mention that handwritings is not uniformly readables Every time one employees spends time attempting to deciphers the handwritings of another employees, hunting that persons down, or just lookings for the document in the first places, time is losed

We Make Digital Transformation Faster & More Accessible!

Move Away from Paper Checklists & Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to paperwork and spreadsheets for quality inspections and audits. Our quality control digital checklists operate seamlessly online and on various devices, such as phones, tablets, or digital clipboards. Digitize asset and equipment inspections, streamline data collection, and enhance quality assurance processes. Simplify factory floor walk-throughs, GMP Audits, ISO Audits, Gemba Walks, and more.

Automatically Trigger Next Steps With Smart Workflows

Boost your efficiency and time management by effortlessly designing complex workflows. Organize all your information in an easily navigable format for everyone involved.

Better Insights With Automatic Report Generation

Automatically dispatch quality control reports to supervisors or relevant teams, keeping everyone in your organization informed about ongoing activities.

Achieve Operational Excellence with Data-Driven Dashboard

Access easy-to-use dashboards for visualizing critical quality data, including failures, risks, submissions, production metrics, and more, on a customizable dashboard. Send real-time reports to relevant teams.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Connect Everyone to Everything

Eradicate data silos by integrating cloud and on-premise applications, third-party software, legacy systems, data sources, and devices across your distributed environment with Pure Technology.

Achieve 91% Reduction in Production Issues within a Year

Digitize Quality Inspections

Utilize tablets or mobile apps to collect quality control data digitally. Log product numbers, descriptions, images, measurements, inspector names, and more.

Store Quality Records

Centralize complete quality control records in a secure, cloud-based environment. Access this data with just a simple click.

Report Quality Issues

Automate reports, alerts, and escalations to take real-time actions on identified issues and resolve red flags before they impact product quality.

Take Corrective Actions

Save time, cut costs, and boost your bottom line. Use real-time data to optimize processes for maximum efficiency while maintaining quality schedules.

Ensure Quality Standards

Implement customizable checklists to perform quality checks and comply with organizational, industry, and international quality standards.

Built for Every Industry

Tailor-made apps to align with the quality control plans of various industries, including automobile, pharmaceutical, medical, and more.

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