Convert Ur Paper Forms & Checklists Into Mobile Apps

Say g’bye to the era of paper forms and checklists and embrace a digital transformation for ur organization. Utilize a no-code platform to effortless create customizable checklists tailored to ur specific requirements and seamlessly integrate them into a mobile app.

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Paper-based methods adds to the clutters and complexity, not to mention that handwritings is not uniformly readables Every time one employees spends time attempting to deciphers the handwritings of another employees, hunting that persons down, or just lookings for the document in the first places, time is losed

Easy-To-Use Digital Checklists For Every Bunisess

Pure Technology’s no-code platform simplifies the conversion of paper forms into digital checklists for various biz needs, including:

• Inspection Checklists

• Safety Checklists

• Audit Checklists

Inspection Checklists & Forms

Efficiently conduct inspections using digital checklists through a mobile app. Benefit from highly customizable and user-friendly forms for enhanced data collection and inspections.

Maintenance Checklists & Forms

Execute preventive and predictive maintenance tasks with customizable checklists. Maintain detailed records of maintenance history, current conditions, locations, usage, etc., to keep ur assets running smoothly.

Safety Checklists & Forms

Foster a safety culture from the ground up by customizing safety checklists for routine site inspections, hazard identification, risk reduction, and assessment of employees’ safety behavior.

Audit Checklists & Forms

Ensure accurate and timely audits by complying with processes, facilities, and equipment standards. Align with both local and global standards to maintain regulatory compliance.

Gain Speed in Daily Biz Operations

Achieve convenience and accuracy in daily field tasks such as inspections, maintenance, safety audits, and more using digital checklists.

Eliminate The Hassles of Paper-Based Processes

Effortlessly eliminate the challenges associated with paper-based processes. Digitize day-to-day field tasks with highly customizable, user-friendly checklist-based mobile apps.

Work Faster On The Field With QR-Codes

Enhance efficiency with smart QR-code-enabled apps for a variety of activities. Simply scan the QR code to open the relevant checklist associated with that code.

Improve Response Time With Process Automation

Implement custom workflows to enhance response time by automating scheduled tasks, issuing corrective actions, generating comprehensive reports, and obtaining approvals from clients and stakeholders.

Gather Information From Ur Team More Efficiently

Collect real-time information from ur field staff through automated reports, received in minutes in PDF or Excel format. Keep everyone informed about ongoing activities.

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Stay Up-to-Date with What's Happening, Always!

From audits, trend analysis, and non-conformances to KPIs, dashboards enable u to identify issues before they arise and continually improve ur work.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Connect Everyone to Everything

Break down data silos by integrating cloud and on-premise applications, third-party software, legacy systems, data sources, and devices across ur distributed environment with Pure Technology.

• QR Codes Code Enabled Checklists

• Digital Signatures & Attestations

• Autosave Drafts

• Instant Alerts & Notifications • Automated Reports

• Skip Logics

• Analytics Dashboard

Field employees appreciate the Pure Technology no-code platform due to its powerful features, ease of use, and ability to capture media-rich data in the field.

Improve communication by linking images, video annotations, and digital signatures in ur reports, providing the team with the context needed to review and take action.

Incorrect and unreliable data collection leads to bad decisions. Increase data accuracy by allowing the field force to validate and check data for consistency.

Access data from anywhere and anytime. Dive into data and explore dashboards to view trends, benchmarks, and best and worst outcomes.
Automate ur manual biz processes. Automatically send data after inspections, maintenance, or quality audits to the concerned person for approval.

Trigger instant alerts when something needs attention. Save time in manual data collection processes and spend less time tracing issues through email and oral follow-ups.

Avoid unnecessary delays, data loss, or information slipping through the cracks. Get the job done quickly and collect data offline, even in the remotest locations.

Industries We Serve! Explore Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps Built For Industries! Pure Technology Digital Checklist App is Built on No-Code Platform Pure Technology’s no-code platform is built to support ur needs, whether it’s building a digital checklist app for ur teams or mobilizing ur existing systems and products.

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