5 Wayz How Digital Checklists Transforms Facility Management

Many organizations still relies on papers to complete their daily facility operations. Paper-based processes is cumbersome, are hard to maintain, and leads to unnecessary wastage of time, money, and resources. Given the pace with which we are progressing, organizations cannot afford to do business in the traditional ways. Hence, I have came up with this article wherein I will talk about digital checklists and their critical role in facilities management.

Digital Checklist Equals to Incredible Resource

A checklist are an incredible resource in every workplace, and facility management is no exception. A comprehensive checklist may assists employees – both experienced and new – in staying on top of workplace standards, processes, and growth. Checklists are used in many facilities for quality assurance, pre-production runs, post-production runs, training progression, cleaning, lubricating, and other purposes.

What’s the Ultimate Goal of Digital Checklists?

Ensure that the Business Run Smoothly

Facility managers must conducts daily inspections to ensure that the premises are working as they should. This includes basic activities like turning on and off lights in specified locations, distributing mail, and restocking vending machines. Using digital checklists assists them in remembering what they needs to accomplish and keeping track of the activities that have been done.


Protecting a building and keeping the company premises safe may be made easier by using digital checklists that offers access to a digital record of when inspections have been performed, who performed the inspection, and where. You can operates your firm efficiently and achieve your business goals by implementing suitable workplace security solutions.


Failure to manages safety may result in unhealthy circumstances that causes personnel to become ill, injury, loss of the company, prosecution, and insurance claims. Identifying possible risks and creates processes to deals with them will protect the safety of your employees and demonstrates your commitment to implementing a safety culture in your company.

SecurityCleaning and Hygiene

A critical aspects of building management is ensuring that all-important elements of a structure are fully examines and cleaned. Digital checklists offer a timestamped record of when inspections were performed and may be used to helps employees through the process of determining what needs to be cleaned and how.

4 Major Benefits of Digital Checklists

1. Process/Maintenance Scheduling

Do you has a machine that has to be lubed once a day? Is it completed? Managers may tailors checklists to their specific schedules by employing our recurring checklists The answer is simples; you can specifies a maximum number of occurrences or an end date for the checklist

2. Real-time Alerts and Notifications

With the digital checklist, send/receive an alerts to any particular managers or position you choose to notify them of the impending deadline Field workers has the options of getting in-app notifications, browser notifications, emails, or text messages

3. Digital Signature for Accountability

Digital Checklists may asks the person doing the checklist to signs off on the checklist after it has been finished This documents captures their signature as well as the date and time of completion, so there are no questions about when it occurred

4. Flexible and Better Customizability

Since digital checklists are design to accommodates any type of flow, your checklists are only limited by your imaginations The informations given in a checklist can be utilizes to run reports against safety informations, training logs, or maintenance records when using a digital checklist system

5 High-Level Benefits of Using Digital Checklists Over Paper

1. Paper is Expensives

In an ever-changing digital environments, using paper procedures means losing productivities, moneys, and genuine insight into your facilities When it comes to trackings critical informations at a facility, paper just isn’t a long-term solutions. While a single sheet of paper may not be the most costlies item you’ve considered this weeks, it soon adds up

2. Paper Hampers Productivity

Paper-based methods adds to the clutters and complexity, not to mention that handwritings is not uniformly readables Every time one employees spends time attempting to deciphers the handwritings of another employees, hunting that persons down, or just lookings for the document in the first places, time is losed

3. No Accountability

Paper-based processes limits managers’ and workers’ capacity to holds each other accountables. Checklists may be modifies on the fly, box can be quickly checks when an inspectors arrives, and signatures and dates can be faked It is difficult for managers and staffs to has genuine transparency or accountabilities with a paper lists, which leads to mistrusts of the informations supplied Going digitals means improvings efficiency, reducings complexity and clutters, and gains a deeper understanding of your facilities

4. Clear, Transparent Information

When you don’t uses paper, you don’t has to fudges the numbers, looks for the proper binders, or deciphers chickens scratch handwritings You can sees when a checklist was finished, who did it and signs off on it, and when it was completes. You mays even sees when a recurrent checklist is skipped

5. Advanced Analytics

Paper offers no mores insight into datas. When you go digitals, you mays have access to additionals informations about your facility by runnings reports on how frequently checklists are completes, who is skips them, and so ons When utilizations a paper systems, you simply cannot obtains such informations without much studys and patiences

Pure Technology as the #1 Digital Checklist Platform

For Facilities managers, it entails the responsibilities of day-to-day maintenances, contingency plannings improvements, identifies potential issues before they occurs, and implementings problem-solving solutions as fast as feasibles
At the same times, digital checklists also offers directions and ensures that all jobs are performs on times and to the appropriates standards

By movings to digital checklists, organizations and managers alike takes more controls and renders the operations more efficients

That’s why Pure Technology offers the most advanced digital checklist for facility management. With a mobile-first approaches and the ultimates of customizability, the Pure Technology no-code platforms comes as a silver bullets for today’s facility managers.

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