Under Recruitment Process Outsourcing we deal with Project-based hiring as the other side of the coin. we first understand your current needs and intensely search for the right candidate and put it on board. But our service doesn’t end up here Virtual Recruiters are alike others we do take all the responsibility of the candidate even if the candidate plans to drops out in the middle of the project. Our Recruiters re-search and fulfill the requirement. So the transition from understanding your current needs and till the project ends we mitigate all the meanwhile issues by providing your organization achieving competitive advantage through their people.


We provide our services across India and Overseas. Whether you want your employees on a roll or off roll we are serving you as per your needs. We are providing both Contract employees and Permanent employees for your requirements.

  • Contract Staffing    

We provide contract staffing to everyone: No matter if you are an Individual, Start-up, or an established company. Our Contract Staffing service will help you to quickly deploy the qualified consultant(s) in your project as many as are required to cover up the short-term and long-term requirements. Payment terms vary with the terms of the contract.

Benefits: Immediate availability of the consultants, cost-effective, we take care of the Payroll of the consultants. It can increase or decrease the number as per your needs.

  • Permanent Hiring/Staffing:    

When you want to hire Permanent employees or regular employees, we are here to support you for all your requirements across the level and verticals of the organizations. We offer this service to all the Start-ups to established organizations. You pay only once when you hire the candidates and they join your organization.

We support you in your permanent ongoing hiring needs. Our recruiters work as an extended part of your talent acquisition team. They interact with you daily and they work exclusively on your requirements. They co-ordinate with you and the candidates throughout the recruitment lifecycle until the selected candidates join your organization.

Our Services

We can give you the right counseling service for the project based recruitment services.
• Complete allegiance to the specific job role requirement.
• We will provide the employees who are ready to follow the company guidelines.
• Our team has thoroughly knowledge of miscellaneous working styles that will provide you with the best resource.
• Help you to judge an employee beforehand that can lead to a fruitful permanent recruitment in the later stages.