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Future of PHP

PHP is Still Dominating the Web

If you take a simple look at the numbers PHP is definitely not dead. PHP is the most used server-side programming language by far. Approximately 75 % of all webpages are powered by PHP. Take a look at the graph below and see how far PHP is ahead of its competition in terms of how often it’s used. It is fair to conclude that PHP isn’t dead based on this statistic since 75 per cent is a far too high number for a dead language!

One of the reasons that PHP is used by so many websites is because WordPress uses PHP. The market share of WordPress is approximately 34 % of all websites. That’s 75 million websites using WordPress.


Laravel is one of the most popular web framework and the most popular PHP framework with 42,496 stars on GitHub till now. Many top-notch brands have built their websites using the Laravel framework. Laravel is developed in PHP with the all latest features come ups within PHP 7.


Since the release of PHP 7, a lot of new features and improvements have been introduced. The two most significant improvements are improved speed and better memory usage. This means that websites that use PHP 7 load faster than websites that use an older version of PHP and can handle more users at the same time.

Code wise, type declarations and new operators have been introduced. Error handling has also been improved.


Since 75 % of the web is powered by PHP there will obviously be a lot of jobs involving some sort of PHP coding. All these websites need to be maintained and there are PHP developers needed for that. The enormous market share of PHP won’t be gone overnight, so jobs involving PHP will be around in the future.

If you take a look at this link to the jobs section of Stack Overflow you will find a lot of jobs that require PHP.