Social Media Marketing company in pune

Social Media Marketing Companies in pune

Social Media Marketing company in pune

Social Media Marketing is a criteria of online advertising that clamps the power of online channels and user-generated content for the purposes of creating brand awareness, increasing website traffic, lead generation, sales and reputation management.Social Media Marketing Companies in pune
Pure Tech has the team and expertise to help your company reach its social media goals. By using our unique mix of logic, creativity and just-right technology we develop and execute programs that convert visitors into business leads. Our social media marketing consultants can identify, develop and execute a cost-effective social media marketing campaign that allows you to join their conversation and engage the target audience with almost limitless reach.Social Media Marketing company in pune

WHAT TO EXPECT Social Media Marketing company in pune

  • Competitive analysis to determine the effectiveness of your existing campaign and those of your competitors.
  • Specific, actionable strategy creation to help you meet your marketing and business goals.
  • Engaging, dynamic content creation to take the puzzle work out of Social Media and drive traffic and conversions.
  • Leveraging analytics for detailed, data-driven reporting with actionable insights to help you monitor your Social Media effectiveness and efficiency.
  • On-going advisory for special projects and inquiries so that you never miss a Social Media opportunity.Social Media Marketing company in pune

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Facebook has the largest number of users per day in India. To gain advantage of the Facebook’s complete usage we need to advertise on the Facebook. The recent study shows, the return on investment ratio is higher than any other means of advertising in the market.


Our LinkedIn experts get you connected with your target audiences through the LinkedIn Ad campaigns that are designed and customized for your business. The Pure Tech place suitable to advertise industrial products and personalized services industry.


Puretech  specializes in Twitter marketing and we help our client’s brands to have a positive image among their followers. Linking with current buzzing news generates prospective leads to our business.  Social Media Marketing company in pune

Social Media Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing company in pune

Many businesses have seen a massive growth in revenue and brand visibility through the effective use of social media marketing  this doesn’t happen by chance. It is essential to have a well-thought out and sound social media marketing strategy in place.Social Media Marketing company in pune

We don’t believe in diving into social media management campaigns headfirst, without proper planning and understanding. Many brands and business believe they need to be on social media and do so for the sake of it, without proper planning, co-ordination or a vision for the objectives they plan to achieve. In order for a campaign to be a success, it is vital to lay out a clear strategy with focus on goals and targets from the outset. At PureTechnology pune. We will help you to develop a sound social media strategy which is based not on guesswork or obligation, but on fully justifiable, measurable objectives.

In order to increase the sales of a particular range of products, we will work with you to ensure that your social media strategy is developed accordingly to reach exactly the right people in the right place at the right time, have the right effect on them and encourage them to take the right action.Social Media Marketing company in pune

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