Mobile App Development


Are Mobile Apps?

Websites are passé, welcome to future of online world of mobile apps. Mobile apps are prevalent globally because of fast speed internet and ease of use. Mobile app is modern day tool for our day to day activities like hailing cab, ordering food, ordering items online. We consider mobile app development as the most easiest way to reach to customers. Mobiles are personalized devices where personal information, photos, events are managed by individuals. Mobiles are personal assets and so are the mobile apps. In one of the research, its found that people are more loyal to mobile apps they use and this loyalty is 99% towards the apps they love.

In apps, we get instant notifications, text messages, ease of navigating to online content. Ease of operations has influenced sudden rise in mobile apps since 4 years. Rise of mobile users from 2014 – 2018 shows us astounding rise of 85% which contributes to 65% to apps usage. Artificial intelligence, Chatbots, Virtual reality, Augmented reality are some of modern names in mobile app industry.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications (also known as mobile apps) are software programs developed for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. They turn mobile devices into miniature powerhouses of function and fun. Some devices come preloaded with some mobile apps courtesy of their manufacturers or the mobile service providers.

The purposes of these apps run the gamut, from utility, productivity, and navigation to entertainment, sports, fitness, medical, ecommerce and just about any others imaginable. Social media is one of the most popular fields of mobile app development and adoption. In fact, Facebook and WhatsApp are the most widely used app now a days.

Web developers are hired for:

  • Consumer Mobile Apps
  • B2B Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise Mobility Apps
  • Cross-platform Apps



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