School Management System

Pure technology have created an unparalleled School Management System (Crafty) where every integrated piece works together to create a seamless experience.
Schools enjoy this Crafty anytime, anywhere access for students and parents via tablets, mobile phones, desktops. Schools also appreciate our turn-key data conversion and system setup, unlimited free training, and unlimited customer support via live phones.
Discover for yourself why Pure Technology’s Crafty has been named the Most Popular School Administration Software Solution for private and faith-based schools!
We have worked with administrators, faculty, and parents to create the best tools to simplify and automate day-to-day processes, and find ways to make communication between schools and families easier and more accessible. And we think we’ve succeeded.
The features you’ll find below can be completely configured to meet your needs-

Registration Assignment Management
Promotion Online Exams
News board Class Schedules
Events Management Transportation
Calendars Management Books Library
Hostel Management Dormitory
Teacher/ student Attendance Management Study material
Exam Management Reports
School Management System With Pure Technology

All students, teachers and parent’s response indicates that they are fully satisfied with their work, progress and parent teacher communication by using School Management System.

According to Teacher
According to the statistic, the response of those teacher who are using the system is drastically more and they are satisfied with this system.
The teachers are feeling ease in making student’s attendance, conducting exams, storing marks, communicating to parent, identifying student’s progress as well as maintaining calendar events, exam schedules, study material, book library, transportation of student, fees structure, etc.
Almost 64 % of teachers are using this system.

According to Student
According to the statistic, the response of those students who are using the system is drastically more and they are satisfied with this system.
The students are feeling ease in giving online exams, viewing results, calendar events, transportation system, assignment management, etc.
Almost 25 % of students are using this system.

According to Parent
According to the statistic, the response of those parent who are using the system is drastically more and they are satisfied with this system.
The parent are feeling ease in communication with teacher, viewing their child’s progress plus all other related things.
Almost 20 % of parent are using this system.
Teachers Effectiveness and Efficiency with using CRAFTY
According to the teacher’s response to the School Management System is 90 % positive and they are fully satisfy and want to continue using this Crafty.

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