Career in Android

Career in Android

Career in Android

Now a days, m-Commerce is playing a vital role in one’s life for making life more and more comfortable and easy. When a question arises “Which mobile should I buy?” then a very first thing comes in mind is “The mobile must be Android based”. This is the brand that android made in mobile market.

Android is the world’s most well-known portable stage. With a great many Android gadgets being used, and a mind blowing 500,000+ new Android gadgets enacted day by day, the prevalence of Android applications is expanding exponentially and with it the interest for Android application designers is taking off. IT spotters are reporting uncommon interest for gifted software engineers with Android improvement preparing.

Why learn Android?

Career in Android advancement is scaling high as of late. Developers are getting slanted towards this field, in light of the fact that learning and picking up involvement in this field is improving as well as it is fun also.

  • Android users have the choice of picking out their device based on screen size, storage capability, and other such features at a considerable price range. Apple, on the other hand is still stuck to one size and spec.
  • Android’s innovation lies in the fact that every android user is directly in conflict with every other OS user.
  • Android is an open source platform, which can be termed as the greatest strength for this OS. This reason has been the catalyst in android taking up the largest shares of smartphones in the market.
  • Android developer community is growing at a steady pace and houses some of the best developers as well.
  • When one thinks of Career in Android. The vital point is the salary. Android information may very well bear the cost of you one. In India, the compensation norms is evaluated to be INR 3-5 lakhs/annum.

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