Lead Generation Campaign in Pune


Our Lead generation service includes-
⦁ A Lead generation on the basis of designing methodology
⦁ Appointment setting, Inside selling & Partnership building
⦁ Database generation & Email data generation
⦁ Product Campaign, brand development and product marketing
⦁ Event campaign & management
⦁ Technical support, call centers & BPO

Distribution of White Paper Leads-

Getting sales leads may be a difficult task for medium and little sized business enterprises. With a mountain of data to browse through and no real indicator to signal that the system can facilitate generate loyal customers, has led to the emergence of white paper leads.
Pure Technology Services have verified experience in dissemination of white paper assets to shoppers with the varied nature of companies. We help our clients in designing AN audience development program that facilitates reach key decision makers and gather qualified leads.
Pure technology Pune tile, selling analyst’s area unit skillful and well versed with information wealthy white papers across all industries. Our analysts are trained in tapping the acceptable channels to achieve prospective leads.

We believe the lead generation isn’t only generation of client interest or inquiry into product or services of our consumer business, however conjointly these leads ought to increase sales and generate revenues for your business. But, don’t worry Pure Technology is one of the best Lead generation company in Pune who provide you an effective lead generation strategy and convert it into a business or sales inquiry.

A lead may be a one that has indicated an interest in your company’s product or service in a way, shape, or form. In different words, instead of obtaining a random cold call from somebody WHO purchased your contact info, you’d hear from a business or organization you’ve already opened communication with. One of the top leading Pure Technology Company in Pune assist you to recognize this clients. select high lead generating company in Pune for GET on-line Studio for best lead generation techniques like content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, Facebook marketing, mobile marketing etc.. It analyses every internet visitor to offer higher plan regarding perspective clients’ inquiries.

Do you know how several B2B business leads you get daily?

B2B lead generation plays an important role to remain competitive within the market. They’re the main basis for revenue in any company and consequently it’s vital to convert them into sales. However, it’s quite difficult to plan an efficient lead generation strategy and convert it into a business or sales inquiry.

Hire top leading Lead generation company Pure technology in Pune for quick lead generation! It’s one of the leading Lead Generation Agencies in India WHO handles pre sales and post sales activities as well as lead generation, lead assignment, prospecting and closure for its clients. It delivers a high variety of sales in numerous domains as well as Technology, Marketing, E commerce and lots of others.

Lead generation is an advance marketing method of stimulating and capturing the interest of a product for the aim of developing your sales pipeline. It includes multiple methodology, proven, researched techniques and channels of generating prospects for your business.
At Puretech, we tend to perceive your business workflow and assign dedicated, skilled professionals, WHO work with their distinctive business model methods and fetch customers for your business.

“We don’t just distribute…… however, educate our audience over the phone the advantages of receiving each and every Whitepaper asset. Reach out to us to know more.”

Best Google Analytics Training Course in Pune

Pure Technology is the top Google Analytics course provider company in Pune. We will helps you to decide whether his online activities are proving fruitful to him or not. Our Google Analytics course guides experts you to decide on factors which are eating into their money but not providing the expected result. There will be many students who would want to become Web analytics Experts of Top Digital Marketing Companies in India.

What Google Analytics Shows You?
⦁ Page Views–
⦁ Bounce Rate–
⦁ Average Time on Site–
⦁ New Visits–
⦁ Traffic Sources–
⦁ Referring Sites–
⦁ Keywords–
⦁ Top Page and Posts–

Benefits of doing the google analytics course:

PROFESSIONALS-After completing this course, students would be able to work on projects related to analytic for the organisation they work for.

FREELANCING OPPORTUNITIES-There millions of jobs available online knowing this skill would help take up freelancing work for any client related to WordPress.

SELF EMPLOYED-After completion of the course you can create a good clean website for your business.

We at Pure technology are one of the best Google Analytics training institute available in Pune. We cover all the aspects related to Google Analytics courses in pune.

What is Web Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service which is available to anyone having a Google account like Gmail, Google plus profile etc. Web analytics is the method of analysing the behaviour of visitors to an internet web site. The utilization of internet analytics is said to enable a business to draw in a lot of visitors, retain or attract new customers for merchandise or services. Google Analytics is one of the best & useful tool for better search engine optimization and marketing solutions in Pune.

Why Google Analytics is important?

Google Analytics consultants share the huge resource of information and knowledge with student at the simplest. Pure technology is the best Google Analytics training institute in Pune for makes students capable of generating high quality analytics reports to quantify the effect of digital marketing efforts. To ensure that your site is achieving the results you expect, you really need have a best Google Analytics training company. Google Analytics is that the market leader in internet analytics arena and it will track and might monitor an excellent several aspects of your web site for free of charge. Google Analytics permits you to work out the weaknesses and strengths of your web site, and to line goals so as to trace and maximize your progress and success. Puretech one of the best Google Analytics training company in pune can help you to understand better and we will focus on the importance of goals in a bit.


Teamwork is important for output quality, retention and morale

There are many ways in which to define teamwork except for some color why not thinks about it because the French do. Teamwork are often link to two compounds, virtually essential to fashionable life. The glue keeps a team along, a bond that promotes strength, unity, dependableness and support. Pure Technology, Pune is the example of teamwork which is best web Development Company in Pune.

Why Teamwork is Important in the Workplace

Teamwork is not only is it a great opportunity for professional development, it is also a means of making your work easier.

Increased efficiency

 In Pure Technology, when working in a very team, you are working towards a typical goal or set of objectives. The entire method of your work becomes additional efficient, as an example if there is a problem Janus-faced on the way there are additional ‘hands on deck’ to help solve the problem. Similarly, having multiple team members on board permits you to get the work done faster with shared responsibilities. Because of these things, Pure Technology is best web Development Company in Pune.

Idea generation

One of the best advantages of working in a team is the inspiration and ideas that may result from team discussions. Once running ideas by one and different, there is plenty additional scope for ability in comparison to acting on a project alone. In effective team surroundings, employee’s members feel confident in suggesting their ideas. Once working autonomously and having an on the spot responsibility for ideas, people tend to present the safer choice to their managers.

A learning experience  

Teamwork is vital within the work because it brings people together from totally different backgrounds and levels of expertise. it’s quite possible that you simply will learn from somebody else knowledge, that allows your own skills, and capabilities to grow this may help improve their perspective as well as increase their job satisfaction, that could be a win-win scenario for employers.

Enhanced communication

Communication is essential to the success of many projects – so why not interact in an activity, which will help enhance your communication skills. Teamwork activities like meeting along to discuss ideas or collaborating info to contribute to a project need both verbal and written language skills.

Share the workload

When working in a team towards a typical goal, the workload is shared among all team members. During an excellent scenario, this work should be shared equally and be distributed according to the strengths of every member. Distribution tasks to the proper people can guarantee most efficiency and a high quality output.

Support network

It is important to remember that support and a way of belonging in a workplace will contribute greatly to job satisfaction. A robust team environment will act as an excellent support mechanism for employee’s members. Cluster members can help one another, place confidence in each other and build trust inside the group.

School Management System

Pure technology have created an unparalleled School Management System (Crafty) where every integrated piece works together to create a seamless experience.
Schools enjoy this Crafty anytime, anywhere access for students and parents via tablets, mobile phones, desktops. Schools also appreciate our turn-key data conversion and system setup, unlimited free training, and unlimited customer support via live phones.
Discover for yourself why Pure Technology’s Crafty has been named the Most Popular School Administration Software Solution for private and faith-based schools!
We have worked with administrators, faculty, and parents to create the best tools to simplify and automate day-to-day processes, and find ways to make communication between schools and families easier and more accessible. And we think we’ve succeeded.
The features you’ll find below can be completely configured to meet your needs-

Registration Assignment Management
Promotion Online Exams
News board Class Schedules
Events Management Transportation
Calendars Management Books Library
Hostel Management Dormitory
Teacher/ student Attendance Management Study material
Exam Management Reports
School Management System With Pure Technology

All students, teachers and parent’s response indicates that they are fully satisfied with their work, progress and parent teacher communication by using School Management System.

According to Teacher
According to the statistic, the response of those teacher who are using the system is drastically more and they are satisfied with this system.
The teachers are feeling ease in making student’s attendance, conducting exams, storing marks, communicating to parent, identifying student’s progress as well as maintaining calendar events, exam schedules, study material, book library, transportation of student, fees structure, etc.
Almost 64 % of teachers are using this system.

According to Student
According to the statistic, the response of those students who are using the system is drastically more and they are satisfied with this system.
The students are feeling ease in giving online exams, viewing results, calendar events, transportation system, assignment management, etc.
Almost 25 % of students are using this system.

According to Parent
According to the statistic, the response of those parent who are using the system is drastically more and they are satisfied with this system.
The parent are feeling ease in communication with teacher, viewing their child’s progress plus all other related things.
Almost 20 % of parent are using this system.
Teachers Effectiveness and Efficiency with using CRAFTY
According to the teacher’s response to the School Management System is 90 % positive and they are fully satisfy and want to continue using this Crafty.

Word Press Development Company in Pune

Word Press Development Company in Pune

Word Press Development Company in Pune. WordPress platform by which you’ll be able to use to form a good looking web site, blog, or app. We have a tendency to wish to say that WordPress is each free and valuable at a similar time.
The core computer code is constructed by many community volunteers, and once you’re prepared for additional there are thousands of plugins and themes accessible to your website into nearly something you’ll be able to imagine. Over sixty million folks have chosen WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.WordPress is installed on a web server, which either is part of an Internet hosting service or is a network host itself.

What are Themes in WordPress

WordPress users could install and switch between themes. Themes permit users to alter the planningand practicality of a WordPress web site and that they may be put in while not sterilisation the content or health of the positioning. each WordPress web site needs a minimum of one theme to begift and each theme ought to be designed victimization WordPress standards with structured PHP, valid hypertext markup language and Cascading vogue Sheets (CSS).

What are Plugins in WordPress

WordPress’s plugin design permits users to increase the options and practicality of a web site or web log. WordPress has over forty,501 plugins obtainable,[14] every of that offers custom functions and options sanctioning users to tailor their sites to their specific desires. These customization vary from computer program improvement, to shopper portals wont to show non-public info to logged in users, to content management systems, to content displaying features, such as the addition of widgets and navigation bars.


The Pure Technology is one of the popular Word Press Development Company in Pune. Here we provide web development using WordPress for more better, secure and SEO friendly sites. Now a days Content Management System (CMS) is popularly known by the WordPress.

Pure Technology trusts the WordPress for quality web development. Because this platform is providing an ease and unique experience for building best web sites.


Internship Program in Pune

Are you looking for internship program in Pune? Then you have visited a best company. PURE Technology is providing an internship program in Pune for MCA, MSc, MCM, MCS and BE.

PURE Technology is a leading company which provides a fastest way to grow your business with the leaders in technology.

If you are willing to work in a challenging environment and want to gather professional experience then PURE Technology’s internship program in Pune is for you.

The internship program in Pune held by PURE Technology provides multiple platforms to work on like .NET,  android, PHP, SEO.

Our objective is to provide interns with exposure to the software industry, enabling them to make the right choice with the available career options. The program presents an opportunity to interact with highly experienced software professionals.

PURE Technology’s Internship program in Pune provides an opportunity to develop websites, e-commerce stores, Software’s and custom web solutions using PHP, JAVA, and .NET based open source software platforms and frameworks.

We provide you the scope to expose our knowledge and ideas. .Here you can participate in programming custom solutions using APIs provided by third parties also in the development (and possibly, architecture) of indigenous products/offerings.

PURE Technology is responsible for teaching you the basics of the platform you have selected for and you will have guidance of programmer working along with you.

Since we are growing very fast, we have constant need of skilled-manpower. Therefore, there is an opportunity to you to get absorbed by us after ta great success completion of our Industrial training program.

So don’t miss an opportunity to work on 100% live projects
Participate and contribute to open source projects backed by the community.

Career in Android

Career in Android

Now a days, m-Commerce is playing a vital role in one’s life for making life more and more comfortable and easy. When a question arises “Which mobile should I buy?” then a very first thing comes in mind is “The mobile must be Android based”. This is the brand that android made in mobile market.

Android is the world’s most well-known portable stage. With a great many Android gadgets being used, and a mind blowing 500,000+ new Android gadgets enacted day by day, the prevalence of Android applications is expanding exponentially and with it the interest for Android application designers is taking off. IT spotters are reporting uncommon interest for gifted software engineers with Android improvement preparing.

Why learn Android?

Career in Android advancement is scaling high as of late. Developers are getting slanted towards this field, in light of the fact that learning and picking up involvement in this field is improving as well as it is fun also.

  • Android users have the choice of picking out their device based on screen size, storage capability, and other such features at a considerable price range. Apple, on the other hand is still stuck to one size and spec.
  • Android’s innovation lies in the fact that every android user is directly in conflict with every other OS user.
  • Android is an open source platform, which can be termed as the greatest strength for this OS. This reason has been the catalyst in android taking up the largest shares of smartphones in the market.
  • Android developer community is growing at a steady pace and houses some of the best developers as well.
  • When one thinks of Career in Android. The vital point is the salary. Android information may very well bear the cost of you one. In India, the compensation norms is evaluated to be INR 3-5 lakhs/annum.
Why Pure Technology?

Why Pure Technology?

Pure Technology is leading IT company. Here we are offering Internship program for BE, MCA , MCM, BCA and M.Sc (Comp) students. If you are willing to work in a challenging environment and want to gather professional experience, our industrial internship program is for you.
This internship program combines training and hands-on experience through job assignments involving in-depth analysis of software development methodologies statements; understanding the project design and development; interacting with the clients, understanding the software development phase, and writing a detailed project report.
Our objective is to provide interns with exposure to the software industry, enabling them to make the right choice with the available career options. The program presents an opportunity to interact with highly experienced software professionals.
This is an exciting opportunity to you all who want to be a part of ever-growing family. This program starts with PHP/Android/SEO / Digital Marketing training followed by work on ongoing projects in PHP /Android/SEO / Digital Marketing. This 6 month assignment is followed by hiring well performing candidate to take them on payroll.

Why Pure Technology?

Being a fresher or experienced person all are looking for a good environment and the scope to expose our knowledge and ideas. Then obsoletely you visited best company.

The PURE Technology is place where you will learn how to program with PHP /Android/SEO /Digital Marketing.
Designing and development of live projects.
Since we are growing very fast, we have constant need of skilled-manpower. Therefore, there is an opportunity to you to get absorbed by us after ta great success completion of our Industrial training program.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a medium used for creating brand awareness among the people across the world. Through SMM we can reach to mass volume of people and increase business. We can interact with customers through social media sites. By the use of social media marketing there is no restriction regarding the area. By adopting social media marketing as another medium of advertising, you get an opportunity to advertise your product and services worldwide. Creating social media engagement is very important. We can say where there can be ups n downs in the brands and businesses by the highly connected and powerful consumer driven social web, having your social media presence well managed is of prime importance.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is medium of communication about commercial message to a group of people using email. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing is the only medium which creates an ease between an offer on display and a direct link to a product checkout page within two clicks. Email marketing is used by the one who is already interested in the services.