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How to choose the right software development company?

IT or Software Services are the backbone of Businesses today. Most of the processes are streamlined and effective automation or even custom company proprietary processes need software solutions.
The demand for high-quality digital products comes from both the customers and the business side. Customers want a superior user experience, while companies, in order to meet these high expectations, aim to accelerate the digitization of their business processes.

A scalable custom solutions will generally produce the most efficient systems as it is can provide support for the specific business needs.
It is common that after a long process of evaluating commercial readymade software you’re finding yourself in a situation where simply nothing quite fits. Or you have a great business idea, but you lack skills to execute it. Another scenario is that you’re a developer yourself, but your internal IT team is overworked and overburdened at the moment. In all these situations you will be looking for a custom software development company to work with.

How to choose a good software development vendor?
It is very much a question of confidence. Hopefully, this blog post will ease your fear of the unknown (in case you’ve never outsourced software development before) and help you make more informed decisions.
1. Translate your customers’ needs into a project objectives
Successful custom software development project starts from designing the future state regardless of current constraints. Therefore before you go looking for a business partner to help you execute your idea, prepare the scope and, most of all, the objectives of your project.
Your initial input is crucial and must be rooted in the insights from your target customers.
Software either enriches or degrades your brand. By accurately capturing your customer expectations you’ll not only know what can advance your business but also you will be able to quickly resolve initial constraints of the project.

  1. Make a shortlist of developers with strong business skills

Software development requires both programming and business competencies. Even the best developers can fail if they don’t understand what you need from them.

The ideal custom software development team should be able to elevate your initial idea by translating your needs into business-led functionalities of a future software.

You can validate software house technical and business experience by doing a background check on their references and past projects. Your goal is to find a software company that will add technological value to your internal team.

From your shortlist, focus on vendors who have proven track of successfully executed projects and good relations with their clients. Such verification is crucial for a stress-free cooperation.

Do not be afraid of asking a potential vendor to contact you with their past clients. This is the best type of reference you can get. If a software company is good at the work their doing, they will willingly refer you to the right person to talk to.

The final verification before you narrow your software vendor options down to a few vendors is technical due diligence evaluation.


What’s new from Google?

  • What’s new from Google?

As Google has been a hive of activity and announcements, every decision of Google affects us. It is always good to know what is cooked in the pot of Google. Android Oreo is officially here. It will soon be on our phones. So what else has been brewing? Let’s find out.


Basically if you have a site which contains Forms, Credit Card Fields, Login Fields or input sections, it will be marked as not secure by chrome. This decision was not all of a sudden without any warning. Google had declared it globally many days before they actually implemented. There was update on their Security Blog also.   (

rtance of goals in a bit.


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